Review Process & Template of Full Paper

All the submissions of full paper will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on the following substance:

  • relevance to conference,
  • originality,
  • research content/depth,
  • correctness,
  • contributions to the knowledge, and
  • readability.

Submissions will be chosen based on technical merit, interest, applicability, and how well they fit a coherent and balanced technical program.

The submission and publication process

Submission => Review => Decision (with or without revision) => Letter of Acceptance =>  Presentation => Publication

Template of Full Paper

In this conference, you are freely to choose either you prefer to perform a presentation only, or you prefer to present and publish your research through the Proceeding.

The total length of full paper proceeding is 4-8 pages, including all figures, tables, and references. The template of the full paper should use the following template.

Template-for-ss9 & 3rd-URICES-2019